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About Me

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My interests include:

bulletPlaying Viola and Violin
bulletWatching Star Trek
bulletEngaging in social events

My life is or was dominated by:

bulletSpeech and Debate
bulletAP Lit

My most hated things are:

bulletAP Lit

Things I will burn at the end of the year:

bulletAn American Tragedy by Theodore Dreiser 
bulletTess of the D'Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy
bulletScoring guide for the 1994 AP Literature Examination

What I intend to do after college:

bulletI don't know

Favorite word

bulletRegaņar - To Scold

My favorite food:

bulletMrs. Field's Cookies

What I want for my birthday/Christmas:

bulletMrs. Field's Cookies
bulletA classical music CD (please ask for specifics)

Favorite Song:

bulletJeffrey William Benedict (remix)

Hello to everyone.  (Note: I used to have a laundry list of names of people I knew, but that just didn't work because I know too many people!)

Regaņar                                               To Scold

This page was last updated on 10/10/05.

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